Überall ist es besser.

Reduction of information as a method of creative text production.

In „Shortstories“ newspaper articles have been selectively blackened. The reduction of information leads to the appearance of new, small narrative units.

Also text is released from it‘s respective context and brought into a new one. The consistence of text is also examined on a material level. The position of characters and words in relation to the blackend bars on the page, links to gaps of content. Due to the nature of the revision, the concept of authorship dissolves into something diffuse. It creates a exaggerated visualization of the process of the current reporting. Another important aspect of the work is temporality, even though most of the passages in the articles are crossed out, the earlier thematic inscription remains abstract and refers to the original, now withdrawn, mediated content.


Work Series
Digital Print on Newspaper
650 x 841 mm