The sculptures consist of various soft drinks - Cola, Fanta, Gedorade, etc., in combination with plaster and aluminum overflowing phallus-like objects are created. Weapons have always possessed a sexual connotation as well, only in this case the weapons are loaded with innocent pop-colored sugar water. The soft drinks also stand for the domesticated inhibition that covers everything that could be dangerous or even pleasurable. The narcotic consumerism to keep the desires quiet and low. A diffuse need for security makes us unable to take action in our private lives as well as in view of the global crises of our time. In this work, banal PET bottles are tested for their revolutionary potential.



15 x 120 cm

Installation View epoxy, concrete, plaster, rope,

TV Screen. Soletti, Liptauer, Schwechater beer,
Tchibo pyjama, Cypralex, tetesept “Erkältungszeit“ bath salt