Infinity Chair

9 to 5, for service and devotion

There are already 1.840 reviews and still I have to review this smoothie maker as 1.841, because I like it so much. I am a smoothie newbie and have read my way through all kinds of reviews until I finally decided on this one. One review says that the plastic melts away and you eat plastic. For this reason I orderd the mixer directly from Amazon, because a return within two years is uncomplicated. In any case, I give the device a cance first and so far I am totally thrilled! With me, nothing melts away, nothing dissolves, no liquid escapes and all sealing rings are where they belong. (...)

I have Smoothie recipe books, but all Smoothies I have prepared so far without recipe instructions. If you can cook a tiny little bit, you can imagine what fits together an get creative. The problem is that everything is so simple and the result is so convincing that I have to keep me cool, not constantly preparing smoothies for myself ... Absolute buy recommendation! (Amazon review of "Happy")