„A great work of art is difficult to forget, because it is impossible to remember.“ (Homi Bhabha)

Five works of art from the 19th and 20th century were selected for this project, which significantly reflect the social and political conditions of their time. At first the material consistence of their physical form where brought into focus. The qualitative and quantitative data was collected and set as parameters for compiling constitutive materials. Each pieces‘ very own materials was now rearranged along with specific displaying which should imitate and reproduce the aesthetic formalisms of contemporary exhibition design. In this remix of materials and displays, presentation of art and art itself interwine.

The work challenges the concept of originality on the basis of its materiality. It also questions the notion of fixed immanence, and a static, invariable significance of art, in the light of changes with different historical social, cultural and political contexts.

Francisco Goya, Spain, 1824-1828

Mixed Media