Concrete Solutions

Us as a company can try to hop on that ravenous train and earn a few bucks, while making the worst of a bad situation!

The architectural office "Concrete Solutions" is a post-satirical commmentary on the prevalent neoliberal efficiency culture, which manifests itself in absurde architectural strategies and the resulting forms of coexistence. We build on already existing, unused space, which is normally not seen as to belong to the actually usable floor space, e.g.cellar shafts, cavities in walls, under roof areas etc.. We have developed a system of modular micro-housing-units, which can be optimally adepted and integrated into any already existing spatial situation. We want to offer this space developement strategy to public institutions such as museums, universities and other institutions. But also companies, galleries or private companies should have the possibilities to use our services. We think of architecture as a shaping force of our society and develop an alternative scenario of residental exit strategy from current crises